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About Us

Blocksmith has cutting edge 3D design software for offering solutions for businesses and schools of all shapes and sizes. We started this company to make an affordable accessible solution for everyone to make VR and AR experiences that can be viewed on main stream devices.

About: About Us

The Blocksmith Team

Who’s Who

Melissa Frates-15.jpg

Markus Nigrin

CEO & Co-Founder

Markus likes accessible software

Melissa Frates

Chief Product Manager

Melissa likes complexity.

Martin Schwarz

CTO & Co-Founder

Martin likes making software.

Reeder Family 4x6 print res

Anna Barlow

Project Manager

Anna likes Jira.

Colin Reeder

Web Development

Colin likes Frameworks.

Colin Falconer

EDU Ambassador

Colin likes VR for EDU.


Elias Willerup

Resident Experience Maker

Elias likes to name variables like methods.

Alex Smith

3D Modelling & Animation

Alex likes Blender (2.8!)

Rachel Storjohann

3D Art & Design

Rachel likes Orange.

About: Our Team
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